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We supply the shelf-stable ingredients you will need for each fortnight's recipes.

Our baking delivery box includes the all-important recipes which will also list all the perishable ingredients (if any) that you’ll need as well.

The Kiwi Bake Box means you never have to keep your pantry stocked up on baking ingredients or spend your time looking around for a fail-proof recipe. Whether you are new to baking or not, our subscription baking delivery box offers something for everyone.

How it works:

  1. Choose your box
  2. Decide how frequently you want to receive your Kiwi Bake Box (one time or fortnightly)
  3. Receive your delivery before the weekend*
  4. Start baking up a storm
  5. If you choose to subscribe to fortnightly deliveries, you will automatically be billed and boxes will be delivered every two weeks until you wish to cancel

No commitments. Cancel or pause at any time.

*Deliveries are sent once every fortnight. The cut off to receive your delivery is midnight Friday the week before deliveries go out.