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Star Baker Box


Receive all the shelf-stable pre-measured ingredients and recipes you need to make delicious creations with our baking subscription box. Sharpen up your baking prowess and become a Star Baker.

This fortnight's recipes:
Macarons and Raspberry Slice.

Whether you are a seasoned baker or a novice, if you have aspiration of mastering baking and becoming a Star Baker, this baking subscription box is for you!

Our Star Baker box contains all the shelf-stable ingredients you’ll need, measured out already. Our mission is to remove the excuses like “I don’t have all the ingredients” and the urge to just pop into the supermarket and get something pre-made. You will receive recipes that will help you improve your baking technique and will utilise more premium ingredients for creations to impress.

We want you to know what it feels like to bring an impressive cheesecake that you have made from scratch to smoko and knock the socks off your workmates, get showered with praise and maybe a little bit of crap - they’re just jealous!

Subscribe to our Star Baker box for recipes to impress, delivered to your door.

Each box contains two recipes and all the required shelf-stable ingredients - pre-measured for less waste and more fun!

To learn more about our delivery schedule and how our subscriptions work, check out our How It Works page.

We supply the shelf-stable ingredients you will need for each month’s recipe. Our baking delivery box includes the all-important recipes which will also list all the perishable ingredients (if any) that you’ll need as well. The Kiwi Bake Box means you never have to keep your pantry stocked up on baking ingredients or spend your time looking around for a fail-proof recipe. Whether you are new to baking or not, our subscription baking delivery box offers something for everyone.

How it works:

    1. Choose your box
    2. Decide how frequently you want to receive your Kiwi Bake Box (one off or every fortnight)
    3. Orders close midnight Saturday
    4. Receive your delivery before the weekend following
    5. Start baking up a storm

You will be billed and boxes will be delivered automatically each fortnight until you wish to cancel.

No commitments. Cancel or pause at any time.

We do our best to note down any allergens in our recipes. The only allergens we list are from the big 8 of the most common allergens. If you have an allergy and you are concerned about ordering a box, but would like to, please get in touch with us and let us know what your allergy is and we can confirm if our recipes contain the allergen in question.